Wednesday, December 9, 2009

trohpy project

I delivered the trophy components today at lunch and my friend was practically exstatic about them!!

I need to get pics of the originals and hopefully a pic of the finish painted trophy so I can post them.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Wargames Illustrated

I just picked up 5 or 6 issues of Wargames Illustrated at Compleat Strategist in NYC on Saturday. I'm really liking the magazine so far. The $8 cover price is prohibitive, but less than Games Workshop's White Dwarf and the content ranges all genre's , scales, figure manufacturers and rules publishers...

Issue 260 comes with a sprue of 2 figures in 28mm by the Perry brothers - early 1800's riflemen and there is a painting article and a "how-to" for a quick and dirty conversion from English to American enlistment.

I just finished a two-part article spread across issues 262 and 263 about the introduction and usage of firearms in Africa during the 1860's. Some very interesting tid-bits about how inaccurate the early arms were and how the natives learned to countered them.

I know there was some early concerns when Battlefront initially bought a controlling interest in WI, but from what I can see they have NOPT turned the mag into WD for Flames of War. There is a FoiW article in each and every issue (and often two), but the mag is from from dominated by the content for just that one game. Every issue I have in hand has at least 4 articles on games for other time period (none of which Bf covers) and one has an interview with Rick Priestly from GW.

Overall, I think the mag is well worth a preview!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

scenic bases

I have been kicking around the idea of making and selling scenic bases for a few months now. Lately I have been working on making some originals and nailing down various lines of base styles. Right now I think I have about 17 different styles between 1 inch squares and 1 inch rounds and maybe about 25 different originals with variations of patterns (skewing and sanding).

My thought is that I will probably go into production in January, do a preliminary run that will get painted and then start advertising. I need to decide if I am going to do an e-bay store or try to set-up a website with a cart system.

I just did a Google search for "scenic bases" and didn't really like most of what I saw. Most of them were selling 5 bases for $5, which is probably less than $1 in materials... I know there is profit to be had, but I'm betting that the business is slow going!

Monday, November 9, 2009


It's not just a Fleetwood Mac song anymore!!

I found a set of rules for a Mammoth Hunting miniatures game late last week and it looks like a load of fun!!

The base rules are for 6mm and 15mm figures with a nod to a miniatureas company that has a line of figures in both scale; looking at the web-site, they also have two rules supplements that I might pick up in the near future ($3 each for PDFs).

I'm thinking that I will use some 40K figures (Kroot) and just double all of the distances in the rules.

I couldn't find any Mammoth toys this weekend, so I bought a couple of elephants, a T-Rex, a triceritops and a tiger. Given an afternoon or so to do some conversion work, I should have wooly mammoths and a saber-toothed tiger!!

I'll need to make some fire markers, but that can wait...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

delays, delays, delays...

I've been off kilter the past few weeks to a month becuase they moved my seating assignment at work and I'm in a high profile, high traffic spot now and don't have the freedom I have had in the past and my general internet usage and posting has been suffering for it...

Two weeks back I decided to do a Psycher Battle Squad for the Kroot as IG army I am building. The models are pretty much straight forward Kroot with the rifles cut away from their hands and the gripping hands drilled out to look like fists. I did a little custom work with the legs by splitting several sets of legs into left and right halves and mixxing those to get static poses; toss in some knee undercuts and a little melting to get one guy who is arching back. I used one of the leg sets for where I was trying to duplicate the IG heavy weapons team pose, so one of the guys is sort of kneeling...

I was going for a look like they were all in agonny (sp?) and I think I hit it pretty well...

I painted all of the last weekend with white primer, then a straight white base coat, I made a wash using Blood Red and about 20 parts water and then two layers of Skull white dry brush to give a sort of albino effect.

I also built up a Primaris Psycher in a similar manner and paitn scheme as the others, but put the komb form his haed on his back like spines and twisted some fine wire around a sewing pin to make coils and glued those into the head. I replaced the rifle in his left had with a bilt of copper tube with an Empire halberd head on it and a little plastic card to bulk out the blade; I also used some kroot rifle bodies as a "power generator" just below the halberd head and a muzzle as butt piece (which made it alot easier to glue things in place and anchor the pole weapon to the base.

As usual, photos to come later...

I nearly forgot to mention, for my regular psychers I used Tau tank commander heads and a push mold to put Kroot beaks on them; the effect is pretty freaky.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

sorry for the gaps

Things have been crazy lately...

I was looking for a new apartment and the one I found, while pretty nice and affordable had a landlord that gave me a bad feeling.

I am in the running for a promotion at work that would require I move across the country.

I have discovered Monsterpocalypse!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

not much progress to report lately

I didn't do much this weekend.

A few weeks ago I bought some Sentinel Walkers off a kid in the gaming club and stripped the paint off them and broke them down into base components as much as possible so I can reconfigure them as part of the Adeptis Mechanicus army I want to build.

The pilot is just a seated guy molded as mostly one piece (torso, pelvis, legs). I decided to fill in the back surface of the lower half with Green Stuff (GS) to give it all substance; this will make it easier to cast it in resin.

I took some heads from a box of IG infantry and with a little bit of carving and GS sculpting made three variations of modern aircraft pilot heads. I cast all of these in silicon to make a two-part mold so I can do a handful of resin casts for the Mechanicus army and some other future projects. I ended up with a few bubbles in the silicon that I had to repair last night, but I think the mold will be usable with just a smidge of trimming with a razor blade.

Friday, August 14, 2009

corner pieces

I went home at lunch yesterday and did a first layer pour on my sons corner sculpt, then after work I finished the mold in a couple of separate pours.

I stripped the Lego mold box off this morning when I woke up and did a first run resin cast before morning sabbatical.

I think I pulled the piece out of the mold too soon because a few spots were squishy, but that pour was more to clean the mold of clay residue and silicon flash. I wouldn't try to sell that first cast anyway, so it doesn't matter if it failed.

I poured a second cast before leaving for work, it should be fully cured by the time my son rolls out of bed to go to work.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A night of casting

As it turns out, the repairs I made to my mold yesterday morning took and the mold is very close to "perfect". It hard to accept anything short of "exactly what I wanted" and balance that against something that "works". I want to think that the imperfections in the mold give the cast pieces "character", but I find that to be difficult to sell.

My son must be as cheap as I tend to be. When I asked him what he would pay for one of the castings, it was like pulling teeth to get him above $5; I'm thinking of asking $15.

I managed to get three casts last night and two more before leaving for work this morning.

My son used the first two casts I made (which I wouldn't sell because of shrinkage making the edges very thin) as templates to make a 90 degree corner piece. He was laying the tile for the decking when I left for work this morning; I asked him to wait to pour the mold so I can take a final look at the original and make any tweaks that come to mind.

We were talking last night and I am thinking of donating a set of the terrain pieces to my local gaming club to be a prize at the next tourney. I'm not sure right now what I am going to consider "a set" - a minimum of 4 straight pieces (each is 5 inches long), probably two 90 degree inside corners (I think they will be 4inches by 4 inches) and two 90 degree outside corners (I think they will be 5 inches by 5 inches) - I THINK a GW Bastion will sit inside of that, I need to check.

My son thinks I should cut the length down. Each straight piece has crenelations that give 3 firing rests. If I cut one down to just one positions it would be about 1 2/3 inches long, two positions would be about 3 1/3 inches long... Those sizes would work better with smaller angled corner pieces to make a snaking defense line but would be easy to knock out of position. If I had a wide blade on my band saw, I wouldn't have to make a new mold for each size...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

casting mis-adventures

When I got home last night I tried to use a piece of glass to give my casting a FLAT base, it did NOT go well....!

Using my big open topped block mold, given a little shrinkage in the resin, yields very thin edges where the original sculpt tapers down to "ground" level. To try and reduce this effect I sprayed a bright, shiny, NEW piece of glass with silicon lubricant thinking that would let me just slide the resin casting off and have a wonderfully smooth bottom.

To my dismay and GREAT irritation, the resin clung to the glass and wouldn't even consider letting go.

I managed to slice a chunk of skin off the back of my middle finger on the edge of the glass... Ouchy!! And this not even a minute after saying "I know I'm going to hurt myself doing this..."

And then, just to be mean, while cooling, the resin shrank and cracked the glass into 8 or 10 pieces...

But amazingly, the glass was still adhered to the resin! I ended up smashing the glass into tiny bits and still some is attached to the resin!! I have even dragged it along a concrete sidewalk and all that did was smooth out most of the sharp glass edges....

Needless to say, that cast is ruined and useless!
I might be able to salvage it as a painted example...

The gooey part of the mold had not completely cured so I cut into the side of the mold and scrubbed out the unset silicon and refilled the cavity with a new batch. That fixed two separate spots, but I discovered this morning that it did not fix the one that was causing a serious problem in the finished pieces (right where models would be placed!).

I did a little more surgery this morning before leaving for work and I hope that solves the problem, if not I'll have to remake this mold and lose probably $30 in materials! If the mold comes out usable, I plan to turn it into a two part mold that will give it a little more thickness at the taper points and pour it from a side. If I go this route I am going figure out a way to have my name and the copyright symbol integrated into the mold so it comes out on all the finished casts.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

more casting

When I got home from gaming last night the silicon mold I had trouble with seemed to be less soupy and then this morning it seemed a bit more firm as well. So I measured how much liquid it would hold and figured out where half of that would fill a dixie cup and mixed a batch of resin and poured it in.

The resin sets up in about 15 minutes, so I was able to demold the cast before leaving for work and it looks mostly good.
There are some deformations around the still gooey areas, but they look almost intentional and give the piece a little character.
You can't see finger marks in the clay original, but it doesn't look as smooth and professional as I would like...

I'm going to try to do 3 or 4 more casts tonight when I get home and maybe prime and paint one.

Monday, August 10, 2009

silicon casting

This weekend I made my first foray into the wonderful world of silicon molds and resin casting!!

I picked up some supplies from and have so far found the guy to be helpful.

While waiting for the supplies to be delivered (UPS ground – I expected the full 10 days, but they really only took 3 or 4!), I made a few mold boxes with Legos and based some multi-piece metal model parts in clay as a foundation; these Legos will be forevermore dedicated to molds and casting, I bought lime green and orange so I remember to NOT mix them with the others I have collected over the years and plan to hand off to my grandchildren some day

I went out Saturday and bought several different sized dixie cups for measuring and mixing and poured the first halves of 2 two-part molds Saturday afternoon. The silicon I am using sets up in just over an hour, so I was able to strip the mold box down enough to pull off the clay base layer, swab the silicon with petroleum jelly, rebuild the box and pour the remaining half around mid evening. On the weekends I tend to stay up until 1am and actually managed to do my first resin cast in the molds before going to bed.

I was casting copies of a grav-bike from the game Void, which is a pretty spiffy model in my opinion. I plan to convert it over for use as a Tau Tetra for Warhammer 40,000, but I didn’t want to mangle the original because the company (i-Kore) has shut down (I’ll try to paint it up good enough to display).

I was also trying to make a copy of mini tank treads from an old GW Imperial Guard heavy weapon platform ( forget the name). This too is a multi-piece metal figure I’d like to NOT mangle, the casts are going to become the treads of an Adeptus Mechanicus heavy weapon servitor conversion.

The grav-bike pieces came out pretty good. I discovered that I got some bubbles in the mold, but the resin piece cleaned up nicely with a new X-Acto blade. I also discovered that the silicon mold picked up brush marks from where I used a large artists brush to swab petroleum jelly around between pours. The first cast picked up all the residual clay and petroleum jelly that was left in the mold and a second cast I did on Sunday came out nearly perfect. I need to find a way to patch the bubbles in the mold; I have an idea, but I am waiting for the guy from the supplier to get back to me about it. The brush marks that are in the mold should sand off the cast no problem.

The mini treads did NOT come out well at all!!! The way I set the mold up caused air bubbles to get trapped at critical points and I lost entire sections of the cast! I tried to clean up (expand) the air channels in the mold, but the second cast came out as bad as the first! If I can fix the bubbles in the grav-bike mold the way I think I can, I’ll do similar to fill in the pour spout on the treads mold and then cut new ones. The problem is that I did this as a tall, vertical mold where the resin is supposed to flow down through one piece and fill the other and continue to the top. Sounds great on paper, but didn’t work out well in practice. If I can plug the fill spout, I’ll cut new fill spouts and air channels so that I am filling the mold from a side; otherwise I’ll have to redo the mold.

Late last night I bit the bullet and tried to pour the silicon for a big block mold around an original defense barrier made from clay sculpted over Legos. The first batch of silicon only filled the mold box about half way, so I quickly made another batch and poured it in as well. The second batch left the mold about a quarter of an inch from the top and I knew that would mean there is less than a quarter of an inch of silicon over the highest point of the sculpt so I made up a little more and poured that in as well. I used my stirring stick (a popsicle stick) to try and integrate the three layers of still semi-liquid silicon.

This pour proved that I am having trouble getting a consistent mix with my current methods… By the time I got to the bottom of the mixing cup I saw that I needed to mix the two parts more and that showed consistently across all three portions of the pour.

I stripped the mold box off this morning before heading to work and I found that there were still several pockets of liquid silicon inside the mold. Fortunately, the skin of the mold didn’t tear and gush out the gooey liquid silicon! I put the mold out on the railing of the stairs to my apartment in hopes that the 90 plus temps today will help the mold finish curing. I’m hoping to get at least one good resin cast from this mold so that it isn’t a total failure that used about 3/8 of the silicon I paid $100 for… It doesn’t help that I had to destroy the original clay sculpt to get it out of the mold (this is a failing do to inexperience on my part, not the casting/mold making process – I have seen YouTube videos of other people where this doesn’t happen).

If things turn out well, I'll be fleshing the defense barrier out into a full line of terrain to sell. Then I am going to move on to sculpting an actual trench piece based on some photos from the first World War that will mount in a gaming board rather just sit on top of it.

I might do some scenic bases to sell as well, but I'm not sure yet... There is a ton of competition in that arena and I know a guy that does that already and wouldn't want to step on his toes.

I had planned to do some 15mm buildings for Flames of War, but I haven't gotten around to building the originals yet.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kroot IG Air-Cav

No IG army in 5th Edition would be complete without a Valkyrie, but I'm not ready to buy and properly paint one right now...

I accidentally found a 1/13 scale pterodactyl over the weekend. I had been contemplating (joking) about buying this model for a few months and figured this must be a sign!!

The model is in a VERY flat pose giving it a wingspan of close to 19 inches!!! That is just too much!!
The near half of the wing was sculpted with a side half of the torso included and I don't really want to cut it apart and then have to wrestle it back together sturdy enough for game play.
I had a few extra minutes this morning before work so I ran the sink until the water was scalding hot and held the wing in the stream for a few minutes. When I felt it had been in the HOT water stream long enough, I laid the piece against a cabinet corner and gave it a gentle bending... I did this several times because the plastic started to tear with the first attempt!

I think I ended up with a good angle that when combined with some creative carving where the tip half of the wing joins in will shorten my wing span to something closer to the Valkyrie model (a couple of local guys have the GW model, so I'll be able to compare the two pretty easy).

I need to wrangle up a base that has a big enough foot print to keep the model stable. I am thinking of using a base from Iron Halo - - I really like the look of their stuff, but haven't bought any yet.

Monday, July 27, 2009

productive weekend

I feel like I got a lot done this weekend!

Aeronautica Painting:
I finished painting 4 Aeronautica Thunderbolts - I'd like to have done better on the free-hand detailing on the wings, but a fudge on the first stroke of the second plane pretty much wrecked my concentration and I ended up rushing thru the rest on them.

I finished off an Aeronautica Marauder bomber. I didn't do anything fancy on it because where I wanted to do a free-hand design there is a big Aquila and I think it would be bad form for the flight crew to have that removed so they could do their own design.

I did an original of a Planetstrike-esque defense line piece that I'm going to try to make a mold of and cast in resin - with fingers crossed hoping I can sell.
I was going to model all sorts of different corner angles and then it hit me while try to go to sleep that all I really need to do is make several castings and just chop them up and make new molds!
Before I do this first mold cast I need to make sure the left and right side profiles match so the finish pieces look right next to each other.
I need to get some more Lego bricks from the Lego store for the mold box. I bought a bunch on 4x2 bricks in lime green; this is a color I didn't already have at home so they will be easy to identify as being for casting and not get mixed with the others that will eventually get handed down to my grandchildren (when my kids eventually have kids of their own...).

Kroot IG:
I still need to nail down my heavy weapons teams and sentinels.
I have some bent leg poses cast, but I'm still not very happy with them. I am still trying to get a good arm/handle grip piece, I may end up shaving down one of the actual IG pieces and molding kroot arm texture around that. I'm leaning toward magnetizing the actual weapon to the tri-pod so I can swap them out as my mood changes.
I have dinosaurs and riders for the sentinels, but I need to nail down a harness to support the weapon system and decide if I am just going to model them with one weapon or if it will be interchangeable - magnets are my friends!
I have finished a Commissar, a Company Commander, 2 Junior Officers, 6 or 8 Sergeants and 15 or 20 special weapons guys. I'm going to paint the Sergeants to match specific kindreds from my Kroot Mercs list and the Commissar and Company Commander will be easy to nail down a color scheme... But I'm not sure if I want to paint the special weapons guys to match kindred colors or make them a uniform (but unique) color scheme of their own; or I might match them to my Krootox Herd Kindred (Zulu Warriors - brown flesh, red shirts, cow hide shields, black quills).

Monday, July 20, 2009

Yet another low yield weekend

I don't feel like I did much over this past weekend...

I had planned to paint some Aeronautica Imperialis models. I bought paint and got some new brushes, but just never got around to actually painting anything. I brought every thing with me so I can work on it at gaming tonight, but I might just end up playing...

I did manage to work on a few Kroot guys:
I did the back of the coat on the Commissar Friday night and the front last night... I still need to do buttons, sleeves, cuffs and collar before I can glue the hands in place and call him finished. I'm not very happy with how the coat tails are flowing around his waste right now, but I think I can fix some of that with a new X-Acto blade and a little more putty work.
I did a couple more Sargents, but they are carrying shot guns rather than pistols or rifles. I think I made the conversion harder than it needed to be, so they didn't come out terrific. I plan to do one or two more of the shotgun conversions - one for gaming and maybe a second for a little vignette of a Kroot shooting skeet.
I also set up another Kroot torso with a vox-caster, I think that makes 4.

I picked up a big bitz lot at my local club a few weeks back, so I should have enough Battle Suit weapons to give me some wiggle room for distributing special weapons into my squads.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Aeronautica Tourney

The end of last week was pretty hectic.

Work is murder lately, but I'm glad to have a job - I have met so many people lately that are out of work!!

I procrastinated like a dumbo and let an Aeronautica Tournament at Jersey Shore Hobbies sneak up on me. At the last minute I had to create squadron lists for myself, my girlfriend and my son, scratch build bombing mission objective markers for two of the three races we were going to fly and do some much needed magnet maintenance on my flying bases. I was up until 3am Saturday morning working on stuff and then awake at 6am to get ready, drop off laundry, get some printouts and drive the 90+ miles to the tourney... I'm dragging today I can assure you!!

There was a small turnout, but it was great to meet, hang and play with other AI enthusiasts rather than having to suffer through the razzing we get from some of our local 40K guys!

After getting there and seeing how nicely most of their models were painted, I felt like a complete bum coming in with half my stuff not even primed and almost none of it fully painted!!

We rotated on three of their 40K tables and started the day facing off against strangers.
- My son's first game was on a 100% flat ask waste table, he was flying Tau Barracudas and Tiger Sharks, which he had never used before. He faced 14 year old George, who will forever be known as Baby Face Nelson after this!! George was flying Imperial Navy with Thunderbolts and Lightnings. George won hands down for 20 Battle Points.
- Jen's first game was against Alex and his Tau. It's didn't go well for her, but I don't remember the score. This was a pretty spiff desert board with a Water Effects stream/river running across the middle from long side to long side with tall reed/grass here and there along the shores.
- My first game was against Lou's Imperial Navy on a dry river bed board that had three levels of terrain from the dry/ muddy river bed up the back and then a small hill - VERY nice for 40K, not so great for AI. We both fielded a nearly identical lists of Thunderbolts and Lightnings, but I managed to pull all the Battle points by beating him by more than double victory points!

Game two was a BIG game (180 points) with bombing objectives.
- This game I was on the desert board facing George. He pretty much cleaned my clock!! I think I got more points when he crashed his bomber than I did from my own shooting! I took 4 battle points and gave George 16.
- D (my son) was facing Lou and didn't fair so well... I think he pulled 8 Battle points in this game.
- Jen went against Alex's Tau and his Manta brought a whole lot of hurt to the table!! Surprising to most people, she wasn't afraid to get in close with her Possessed Chaos planes and managed to put 6 hits on the Manta. The Deamonic Possession was her MVP in that game! With the Manta throwing 40+ dice per turn, she was amazingly making the 6+ saves for the hits from the limited fire that was actually effective!!! I think she pulled a goose egg in this game as well, but nothing was breaking her spirit!!

Game three was an Ace's shoot out scenario with every one getting a free Ace Upgrade and bonus Victory points for shooting their opponents Ace down. every one was paired up by accumulated Battle Points, but it was still nearly any ones game!
- D and Jen were paired up, but I don't think it went to great for her...
- I ended up facing Lou again, but this time the tables were turned and he totally out-matched me! My Ace got a kill early and things were looking up, but the very next turn he was taken out and all my plans went down in flames with him! I only pulled 4 Battle Points.
- Alex and George duked it out for first place, but Baby Face Nelson just could not be stopped!!!

I think the Final ranking were:
1 - George with 46+/- Battle Points
2 - Lou and Alex tied with 40 Battle Points each
3 - D and I tied with 24 Battle Points each
4 - Jenn with 8 Battle Points

There was a Store Credit cash prize and Lou and Alex gave their halves to D and I, which bough me some back issues of Fine Scale Modeler and Scale Auto and a box of 1/72 cowboys I'm going to use for Legends of the Old West. I also picked up an Epic scale Space Marine Transport for far more than I should have spent and plan to use it in the future as a Thunderhawk Gun Ship and a bombing objective.

The tourney was small, but pretty well planned.
We arrived 45 minutes late, but had we been a "no show" they probably would have canceled the whole thing because of lack of people, so I'm really glad I didn't just say "F' it" and go back to sleep.

I'd like to do an AI tourney locally, but we don't have very many local players...

The current plan is to do a demo board at Games Day next year, but time will tell. We are leaning more toward Thunderbolts versus Phoenixes.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I haven't been overly productive the past week or so...

I sculpted a little Marine Corps hat and a variation of a German WWI helmet and did molds of them for of my sergeants.

I scratch built cannons and turrets for my Punisher Tanks.

I managed to glue arms with bolt pistols onto a few bodies last night...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

closer to paint ready

I did some more work on my Kroot IG conversions over the weekend and had my son do some sculpting for me. Work has been crazy, so it took me a while to get a chance to upload the pics.

First up. I wanted my Senior Officer to be a mesh of IG and Kroot. I had a Reaper Skeleton Pirate that I really like the clothing on and fealt it had an air of Euro-Trash Nobility. I can't sculpt to save my life, so I asked my son to give it a shot and this what he came up with:

I'm pretty darned happy with it. I'm all about the backstory and fluff, so this fits right in with my concept that my Master Shaper has gone insane and thinks he is an Imperial General and runs his kindreds as Imperial Gaurd.

For my Special Weapons guys - specifically the Grenade Launcher, I made a push mold of the grenade magazine pouch on the GW sprue. This particular one futzed up and I ended up with a smiley face crinkle in the casting.

I used a piece of styrene pipe to help fill out the roundish shape while just getting the textured surface with the casting. When the putty is cured, I simply super glued the pouch in place on the Kroot:

I then had my son do a little more sculpting to ties the pouch texture into the Kroots clothing to give the feel that it is really a part of the Kroot's vest:

Here you get a look at end resultof putting hand grips on the side of the Special Weapons. I used the positioned hand from a Kroot Rifle, drilled a hole through it with a pin vise and then a small hole in the side of the weapon and used a sewing pin cut to lenght and a couple dabs of super glue to help keep it all together. I also pinned the wrists. With the wirist, grip and should dabbed with model cement, it was easy to just hold it in position for a few seconds until the glue got a good bite and held itself.

I also had to reposition the colm on the Kroot on the left so that his quills didn't interfer with the backpack for his flamer. For the guy on the right I had to cut off the last quill:

You aslo see here that I have begun to drill the barrels of the weapons to give them a little more of a realistic depth feel.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A little further

I made a little progress last night on my Kroot IG special weapons guys.

I scratch built a grenade launcher using a Kroot Rifle in hand as my base:

I use Evergreen styrene pipes and Plastruc plastic card. The plates are just 1/4" holes made from a regular paper punch - it ruins the punches fast, so I buy them cheap at a Dollar Store.
The piping was all cut t0o eye using a Kasirkin (sp?) Storm Trooper as a template.

Here, you can see that I drilled a small hole (pin vise) off center in the base plate and put a sewing pin through. There is a corresponding hole into the body of the Kroot Rifle that the pin is cut to length to fit in and then super glued into place:

With the base plate affixed, I glued on pieces of pipe. I prefer to use Testor Plastic Cement (regular red tube model glue) over GW plastic glue:

The front plate is another hole punched piece of plastic card with a small hole punched off-center

I think the main punch I use is 1/4" diameter, it's a standard paper hole punch.
The other punch I use is about half that size - 1/8" and the barrel piping fits in it snug.

Tonight, I'll finish off the magazine and add a couple structural elements to make it look more like the GW figures.

Monday, June 15, 2009

less productive weekend

My weekend was far less productive than I would have liked.

- I managed to put a missile launcher tube on a Kroot and a rocket into another's hand.

- I converted 10 Kroot rifle arms over to special weapons using Crisis Suit weapons.

-- 4 Fusion Blaster Melta Guns

-- 3 Flamer Flamers with Missile Pod tanks
Sorry, no "Before" pic on this one..

-- 3 Plasma Cannon Plasma guns

All of the parts were drilled with a pin vise and pegged with peices of sewing pins.
For the Melta guns, I drilled the bore out to 1/16" and used pushed the pin in from the open bore so the head of the pin helps hold the barrel onto the body -I plan to do a few more if I can get the bits and will get a picture that shows it better than I am explaining. I dod similar with the containment canisters on the second and third Plasma pack.

After every thing is primed and painted I'm going to use red and green magnet wire for the cables between the power packs and weapons and small guage insulated wire for the hose on the flamers. I pre-drilled holes to help preserve the paint job knowing that I planned to add the wires later.

A slow start!

Certainly a lot less than I had wanted to get done!

Friday, June 12, 2009

My To-Do List

I built Tyranids for Aeronautica and wrote some mostly fair rules. They are still lacking Venonm Cannons and the Harridans are still in progress.
I am writing rules for Necron for Aeronautica. I have solid ideas for the models and images for the builds, just need to finish working the bugs out.

Stuff I want to build - mostly scratch builds

40K scale aircraft:
Thunderbolt fighter - scratch build, might not have to do this if they release the model in plastic next year like the rumors say..
Marauder bomber (both a detailed display piece and a playable model) - scratch build I want to move to a higher spot on my list.
Thunderhawk gunship - not overly interested in doing this, but there have been hints of rumors that I might be able to sell it if I do it.
Thunderhawk transport
- not overly interested in doing this, but there have been hints of rumors that I might be able to sell it if I do it.
I bought a Forge World Hell Blade at Games Day 2008 - I need to build and paint it - I want to do a crazy nice paint job on this, but time will tell if I'm up to the task...
I want to build some 40K scale Corsair style fighter planes from balsa - not sure if they will proxy as Thunderbolts or Lightnings

40K scale vehicles:
Baneblade super tank - no need to scratch-build because the plastic model is out and only $90
M3A4 style tank - want to scratch-build for my Tau aligned IG
M10 style tank - want to scratch-build for my Tau aligned IG
Warhound Titan war machine - want to scratch-build, have plans...

AI scale aircraft:
I need to paint a bunch of AI planes - 4 Thunderbolts, 3 Tiger Sharks, 4 Baracudas, 2 Valkeries, 2 Vultures, 2 Destroyer bombers and the Marauder.
Scratch built Lightning fighters (semi-started) - might switch the focus of these to be replicas of a WWII Corsairs
Marauder bombers - bought one at GD `08, built it and dropped it in the same night!! The drop broke the las-cannons in the front gun turret and I couldn't find one of the peices, so it's on the scratch-build list
Dimension out a drawing and assemble a PDF of how I built the Marauder Destroyer - very low priority, I have the pics on Photobucket - I actually scratch built two of these across a weekend last summer, so this is done.
I want to scratch build a Chaos AI Harbinger plane.
I need to magnetizing the new Aeronautica bases I just got - might not do this... the bases I already magnetized are on my last nerve!
I have a tourney coming up in a few weeks and I need to make sure I have ground objective tokens for both myself and my girlfriend.

40K Scale figures:
I need to finish basing my Tau SWAT Team
I need to paint a pair of gun drones (and base) for the SWAT Team
I need to paint a Pathfinder for the SWAT Team
I need to finish painting my tau Pathfinders.
I need to finish painting my Tau Stealth Suits.
I need to finish painting my Tau Battle Suits.
I need to finish painting my Tau drones.
I need to finish painting my Tau Sniper Drones Teams.
I need to finish painting my Tau Devilfish hover tanks.
I need to build and paint my traitor Imperial Guard. - I did manage to pick up a bunch of HeroScape Japanese Samurai and Asigaru to use as part of this, just need to make them look more 40K.
I need to find a storage bin for my last few Kroot squads - one contains 3 or 5 bigger models than just the regular "guy". This weekend I plan to work on more Kroot, but with IG special weapons so I can proxy them and start playing the new Guard Codex!
I read most of "Planetstrike" and came up with an idea for a diorama I would like to build.
I just finished reading "Titanicus" and want to build a Mechanicus Skitarii army to play as IG.

Warhammer Fantasy:
I need to finish building and painting both my Tomb Kings and Bretonnians - both are partially finished, the painting of the Tomb Kings became MUCH more involved than I had anticipated!
I need to finish painting my sea port board and build some scenery for it.

Interesting projects on the back burner:
Build the Inquisitor scale models I bought at Games Day `08 - including the cool idea I had for a diorama using the Inquisitor scale IG guy and a 40K scale lictor

As you can see, I only have a couple of things I want to get done and they are all simple, couple hour projects...


Post No. 1

Welcome All,

I'm trying my hand at blogging my mini-building/painting experiences, so I hope you all bear with me. I'll try to keep the spelling and punctuation as close to correct as I can, but I'm sure I'll mess up more than occasionally in that area.

My local gaming club has some great painters and players in it and several of them are blogging about what they do, so I figure I'd give it a shot too....

A little about my gaming experience:
I have been playing 40K off and on for about two and a half years now.
I paint far more often than I play, but I'd like to change that going forward.
I have 2000(ish) points of Tau that are mostly painted.
I have about 1750 points of Kroot Mercs painted and a couple of 1/13 scale dinosaurs that I use with them for Apocalypse games as a Baneblade and a Gargantuan Squigoth.
I have a smattering of IG that I need to do something with...
I also have the Marines and Orks from the Black reach set that are on the back burner - my girlfriend is painting the orks...

I fell in love with Aeronautica Imperialis from the moment I saw it!
I have a couple hundred points of Chaos and IG and Tau - mostly painted...
For AI terrain:
I traded for some Epic scale buildings and had my son paint them for me.
I've built a near Epic scale oil rig from scratch and magnatized several parts so I can swap them out to show damage

I also have a decent sized American Infantry Company for Flames of War - mostly painted, not based yet.

I work 40 to 50 hours a week doing data entry and engineering for a Fiber Optics / Telecommunications company and suffer from depression and tendonitis that borders on carpel tunnel.
My 19 year old son lives with me in the World's Smallest Apartment - a 200 square foot studio!!

I plan on using this blog to track my progress through my To-Do list and hopefully help some people with their How-To questions...