Wednesday, June 24, 2009

closer to paint ready

I did some more work on my Kroot IG conversions over the weekend and had my son do some sculpting for me. Work has been crazy, so it took me a while to get a chance to upload the pics.

First up. I wanted my Senior Officer to be a mesh of IG and Kroot. I had a Reaper Skeleton Pirate that I really like the clothing on and fealt it had an air of Euro-Trash Nobility. I can't sculpt to save my life, so I asked my son to give it a shot and this what he came up with:

I'm pretty darned happy with it. I'm all about the backstory and fluff, so this fits right in with my concept that my Master Shaper has gone insane and thinks he is an Imperial General and runs his kindreds as Imperial Gaurd.

For my Special Weapons guys - specifically the Grenade Launcher, I made a push mold of the grenade magazine pouch on the GW sprue. This particular one futzed up and I ended up with a smiley face crinkle in the casting.

I used a piece of styrene pipe to help fill out the roundish shape while just getting the textured surface with the casting. When the putty is cured, I simply super glued the pouch in place on the Kroot:

I then had my son do a little more sculpting to ties the pouch texture into the Kroots clothing to give the feel that it is really a part of the Kroot's vest:

Here you get a look at end resultof putting hand grips on the side of the Special Weapons. I used the positioned hand from a Kroot Rifle, drilled a hole through it with a pin vise and then a small hole in the side of the weapon and used a sewing pin cut to lenght and a couple dabs of super glue to help keep it all together. I also pinned the wrists. With the wirist, grip and should dabbed with model cement, it was easy to just hold it in position for a few seconds until the glue got a good bite and held itself.

I also had to reposition the colm on the Kroot on the left so that his quills didn't interfer with the backpack for his flamer. For the guy on the right I had to cut off the last quill:

You aslo see here that I have begun to drill the barrels of the weapons to give them a little more of a realistic depth feel.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A little further

I made a little progress last night on my Kroot IG special weapons guys.

I scratch built a grenade launcher using a Kroot Rifle in hand as my base:

I use Evergreen styrene pipes and Plastruc plastic card. The plates are just 1/4" holes made from a regular paper punch - it ruins the punches fast, so I buy them cheap at a Dollar Store.
The piping was all cut t0o eye using a Kasirkin (sp?) Storm Trooper as a template.

Here, you can see that I drilled a small hole (pin vise) off center in the base plate and put a sewing pin through. There is a corresponding hole into the body of the Kroot Rifle that the pin is cut to length to fit in and then super glued into place:

With the base plate affixed, I glued on pieces of pipe. I prefer to use Testor Plastic Cement (regular red tube model glue) over GW plastic glue:

The front plate is another hole punched piece of plastic card with a small hole punched off-center

I think the main punch I use is 1/4" diameter, it's a standard paper hole punch.
The other punch I use is about half that size - 1/8" and the barrel piping fits in it snug.

Tonight, I'll finish off the magazine and add a couple structural elements to make it look more like the GW figures.

Monday, June 15, 2009

less productive weekend

My weekend was far less productive than I would have liked.

- I managed to put a missile launcher tube on a Kroot and a rocket into another's hand.

- I converted 10 Kroot rifle arms over to special weapons using Crisis Suit weapons.

-- 4 Fusion Blaster Melta Guns

-- 3 Flamer Flamers with Missile Pod tanks
Sorry, no "Before" pic on this one..

-- 3 Plasma Cannon Plasma guns

All of the parts were drilled with a pin vise and pegged with peices of sewing pins.
For the Melta guns, I drilled the bore out to 1/16" and used pushed the pin in from the open bore so the head of the pin helps hold the barrel onto the body -I plan to do a few more if I can get the bits and will get a picture that shows it better than I am explaining. I dod similar with the containment canisters on the second and third Plasma pack.

After every thing is primed and painted I'm going to use red and green magnet wire for the cables between the power packs and weapons and small guage insulated wire for the hose on the flamers. I pre-drilled holes to help preserve the paint job knowing that I planned to add the wires later.

A slow start!

Certainly a lot less than I had wanted to get done!

Friday, June 12, 2009

My To-Do List

I built Tyranids for Aeronautica and wrote some mostly fair rules. They are still lacking Venonm Cannons and the Harridans are still in progress.
I am writing rules for Necron for Aeronautica. I have solid ideas for the models and images for the builds, just need to finish working the bugs out.

Stuff I want to build - mostly scratch builds

40K scale aircraft:
Thunderbolt fighter - scratch build, might not have to do this if they release the model in plastic next year like the rumors say..
Marauder bomber (both a detailed display piece and a playable model) - scratch build I want to move to a higher spot on my list.
Thunderhawk gunship - not overly interested in doing this, but there have been hints of rumors that I might be able to sell it if I do it.
Thunderhawk transport
- not overly interested in doing this, but there have been hints of rumors that I might be able to sell it if I do it.
I bought a Forge World Hell Blade at Games Day 2008 - I need to build and paint it - I want to do a crazy nice paint job on this, but time will tell if I'm up to the task...
I want to build some 40K scale Corsair style fighter planes from balsa - not sure if they will proxy as Thunderbolts or Lightnings

40K scale vehicles:
Baneblade super tank - no need to scratch-build because the plastic model is out and only $90
M3A4 style tank - want to scratch-build for my Tau aligned IG
M10 style tank - want to scratch-build for my Tau aligned IG
Warhound Titan war machine - want to scratch-build, have plans...

AI scale aircraft:
I need to paint a bunch of AI planes - 4 Thunderbolts, 3 Tiger Sharks, 4 Baracudas, 2 Valkeries, 2 Vultures, 2 Destroyer bombers and the Marauder.
Scratch built Lightning fighters (semi-started) - might switch the focus of these to be replicas of a WWII Corsairs
Marauder bombers - bought one at GD `08, built it and dropped it in the same night!! The drop broke the las-cannons in the front gun turret and I couldn't find one of the peices, so it's on the scratch-build list
Dimension out a drawing and assemble a PDF of how I built the Marauder Destroyer - very low priority, I have the pics on Photobucket - I actually scratch built two of these across a weekend last summer, so this is done.
I want to scratch build a Chaos AI Harbinger plane.
I need to magnetizing the new Aeronautica bases I just got - might not do this... the bases I already magnetized are on my last nerve!
I have a tourney coming up in a few weeks and I need to make sure I have ground objective tokens for both myself and my girlfriend.

40K Scale figures:
I need to finish basing my Tau SWAT Team
I need to paint a pair of gun drones (and base) for the SWAT Team
I need to paint a Pathfinder for the SWAT Team
I need to finish painting my tau Pathfinders.
I need to finish painting my Tau Stealth Suits.
I need to finish painting my Tau Battle Suits.
I need to finish painting my Tau drones.
I need to finish painting my Tau Sniper Drones Teams.
I need to finish painting my Tau Devilfish hover tanks.
I need to build and paint my traitor Imperial Guard. - I did manage to pick up a bunch of HeroScape Japanese Samurai and Asigaru to use as part of this, just need to make them look more 40K.
I need to find a storage bin for my last few Kroot squads - one contains 3 or 5 bigger models than just the regular "guy". This weekend I plan to work on more Kroot, but with IG special weapons so I can proxy them and start playing the new Guard Codex!
I read most of "Planetstrike" and came up with an idea for a diorama I would like to build.
I just finished reading "Titanicus" and want to build a Mechanicus Skitarii army to play as IG.

Warhammer Fantasy:
I need to finish building and painting both my Tomb Kings and Bretonnians - both are partially finished, the painting of the Tomb Kings became MUCH more involved than I had anticipated!
I need to finish painting my sea port board and build some scenery for it.

Interesting projects on the back burner:
Build the Inquisitor scale models I bought at Games Day `08 - including the cool idea I had for a diorama using the Inquisitor scale IG guy and a 40K scale lictor

As you can see, I only have a couple of things I want to get done and they are all simple, couple hour projects...


Post No. 1

Welcome All,

I'm trying my hand at blogging my mini-building/painting experiences, so I hope you all bear with me. I'll try to keep the spelling and punctuation as close to correct as I can, but I'm sure I'll mess up more than occasionally in that area.

My local gaming club has some great painters and players in it and several of them are blogging about what they do, so I figure I'd give it a shot too....

A little about my gaming experience:
I have been playing 40K off and on for about two and a half years now.
I paint far more often than I play, but I'd like to change that going forward.
I have 2000(ish) points of Tau that are mostly painted.
I have about 1750 points of Kroot Mercs painted and a couple of 1/13 scale dinosaurs that I use with them for Apocalypse games as a Baneblade and a Gargantuan Squigoth.
I have a smattering of IG that I need to do something with...
I also have the Marines and Orks from the Black reach set that are on the back burner - my girlfriend is painting the orks...

I fell in love with Aeronautica Imperialis from the moment I saw it!
I have a couple hundred points of Chaos and IG and Tau - mostly painted...
For AI terrain:
I traded for some Epic scale buildings and had my son paint them for me.
I've built a near Epic scale oil rig from scratch and magnatized several parts so I can swap them out to show damage

I also have a decent sized American Infantry Company for Flames of War - mostly painted, not based yet.

I work 40 to 50 hours a week doing data entry and engineering for a Fiber Optics / Telecommunications company and suffer from depression and tendonitis that borders on carpel tunnel.
My 19 year old son lives with me in the World's Smallest Apartment - a 200 square foot studio!!

I plan on using this blog to track my progress through my To-Do list and hopefully help some people with their How-To questions...