Wednesday, June 24, 2009

closer to paint ready

I did some more work on my Kroot IG conversions over the weekend and had my son do some sculpting for me. Work has been crazy, so it took me a while to get a chance to upload the pics.

First up. I wanted my Senior Officer to be a mesh of IG and Kroot. I had a Reaper Skeleton Pirate that I really like the clothing on and fealt it had an air of Euro-Trash Nobility. I can't sculpt to save my life, so I asked my son to give it a shot and this what he came up with:

I'm pretty darned happy with it. I'm all about the backstory and fluff, so this fits right in with my concept that my Master Shaper has gone insane and thinks he is an Imperial General and runs his kindreds as Imperial Gaurd.

For my Special Weapons guys - specifically the Grenade Launcher, I made a push mold of the grenade magazine pouch on the GW sprue. This particular one futzed up and I ended up with a smiley face crinkle in the casting.

I used a piece of styrene pipe to help fill out the roundish shape while just getting the textured surface with the casting. When the putty is cured, I simply super glued the pouch in place on the Kroot:

I then had my son do a little more sculpting to ties the pouch texture into the Kroots clothing to give the feel that it is really a part of the Kroot's vest:

Here you get a look at end resultof putting hand grips on the side of the Special Weapons. I used the positioned hand from a Kroot Rifle, drilled a hole through it with a pin vise and then a small hole in the side of the weapon and used a sewing pin cut to lenght and a couple dabs of super glue to help keep it all together. I also pinned the wrists. With the wirist, grip and should dabbed with model cement, it was easy to just hold it in position for a few seconds until the glue got a good bite and held itself.

I also had to reposition the colm on the Kroot on the left so that his quills didn't interfer with the backpack for his flamer. For the guy on the right I had to cut off the last quill:

You aslo see here that I have begun to drill the barrels of the weapons to give them a little more of a realistic depth feel.

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