Monday, June 15, 2009

less productive weekend

My weekend was far less productive than I would have liked.

- I managed to put a missile launcher tube on a Kroot and a rocket into another's hand.

- I converted 10 Kroot rifle arms over to special weapons using Crisis Suit weapons.

-- 4 Fusion Blaster Melta Guns

-- 3 Flamer Flamers with Missile Pod tanks
Sorry, no "Before" pic on this one..

-- 3 Plasma Cannon Plasma guns

All of the parts were drilled with a pin vise and pegged with peices of sewing pins.
For the Melta guns, I drilled the bore out to 1/16" and used pushed the pin in from the open bore so the head of the pin helps hold the barrel onto the body -I plan to do a few more if I can get the bits and will get a picture that shows it better than I am explaining. I dod similar with the containment canisters on the second and third Plasma pack.

After every thing is primed and painted I'm going to use red and green magnet wire for the cables between the power packs and weapons and small guage insulated wire for the hose on the flamers. I pre-drilled holes to help preserve the paint job knowing that I planned to add the wires later.

A slow start!

Certainly a lot less than I had wanted to get done!

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