Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A little further

I made a little progress last night on my Kroot IG special weapons guys.

I scratch built a grenade launcher using a Kroot Rifle in hand as my base:

I use Evergreen styrene pipes and Plastruc plastic card. The plates are just 1/4" holes made from a regular paper punch - it ruins the punches fast, so I buy them cheap at a Dollar Store.
The piping was all cut t0o eye using a Kasirkin (sp?) Storm Trooper as a template.

Here, you can see that I drilled a small hole (pin vise) off center in the base plate and put a sewing pin through. There is a corresponding hole into the body of the Kroot Rifle that the pin is cut to length to fit in and then super glued into place:

With the base plate affixed, I glued on pieces of pipe. I prefer to use Testor Plastic Cement (regular red tube model glue) over GW plastic glue:

The front plate is another hole punched piece of plastic card with a small hole punched off-center

I think the main punch I use is 1/4" diameter, it's a standard paper hole punch.
The other punch I use is about half that size - 1/8" and the barrel piping fits in it snug.

Tonight, I'll finish off the magazine and add a couple structural elements to make it look more like the GW figures.

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