Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kroot IG Air-Cav

No IG army in 5th Edition would be complete without a Valkyrie, but I'm not ready to buy and properly paint one right now...

I accidentally found a 1/13 scale pterodactyl over the weekend. I had been contemplating (joking) about buying this model for a few months and figured this must be a sign!!

The model is in a VERY flat pose giving it a wingspan of close to 19 inches!!! That is just too much!!
The near half of the wing was sculpted with a side half of the torso included and I don't really want to cut it apart and then have to wrestle it back together sturdy enough for game play.
I had a few extra minutes this morning before work so I ran the sink until the water was scalding hot and held the wing in the stream for a few minutes. When I felt it had been in the HOT water stream long enough, I laid the piece against a cabinet corner and gave it a gentle bending... I did this several times because the plastic started to tear with the first attempt!

I think I ended up with a good angle that when combined with some creative carving where the tip half of the wing joins in will shorten my wing span to something closer to the Valkyrie model (a couple of local guys have the GW model, so I'll be able to compare the two pretty easy).

I need to wrangle up a base that has a big enough foot print to keep the model stable. I am thinking of using a base from Iron Halo - http://ironhalo.net/store//catalog/ - I really like the look of their stuff, but haven't bought any yet.

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