Monday, July 27, 2009

productive weekend

I feel like I got a lot done this weekend!

Aeronautica Painting:
I finished painting 4 Aeronautica Thunderbolts - I'd like to have done better on the free-hand detailing on the wings, but a fudge on the first stroke of the second plane pretty much wrecked my concentration and I ended up rushing thru the rest on them.

I finished off an Aeronautica Marauder bomber. I didn't do anything fancy on it because where I wanted to do a free-hand design there is a big Aquila and I think it would be bad form for the flight crew to have that removed so they could do their own design.

I did an original of a Planetstrike-esque defense line piece that I'm going to try to make a mold of and cast in resin - with fingers crossed hoping I can sell.
I was going to model all sorts of different corner angles and then it hit me while try to go to sleep that all I really need to do is make several castings and just chop them up and make new molds!
Before I do this first mold cast I need to make sure the left and right side profiles match so the finish pieces look right next to each other.
I need to get some more Lego bricks from the Lego store for the mold box. I bought a bunch on 4x2 bricks in lime green; this is a color I didn't already have at home so they will be easy to identify as being for casting and not get mixed with the others that will eventually get handed down to my grandchildren (when my kids eventually have kids of their own...).

Kroot IG:
I still need to nail down my heavy weapons teams and sentinels.
I have some bent leg poses cast, but I'm still not very happy with them. I am still trying to get a good arm/handle grip piece, I may end up shaving down one of the actual IG pieces and molding kroot arm texture around that. I'm leaning toward magnetizing the actual weapon to the tri-pod so I can swap them out as my mood changes.
I have dinosaurs and riders for the sentinels, but I need to nail down a harness to support the weapon system and decide if I am just going to model them with one weapon or if it will be interchangeable - magnets are my friends!
I have finished a Commissar, a Company Commander, 2 Junior Officers, 6 or 8 Sergeants and 15 or 20 special weapons guys. I'm going to paint the Sergeants to match specific kindreds from my Kroot Mercs list and the Commissar and Company Commander will be easy to nail down a color scheme... But I'm not sure if I want to paint the special weapons guys to match kindred colors or make them a uniform (but unique) color scheme of their own; or I might match them to my Krootox Herd Kindred (Zulu Warriors - brown flesh, red shirts, cow hide shields, black quills).

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