Monday, July 20, 2009

Yet another low yield weekend

I don't feel like I did much over this past weekend...

I had planned to paint some Aeronautica Imperialis models. I bought paint and got some new brushes, but just never got around to actually painting anything. I brought every thing with me so I can work on it at gaming tonight, but I might just end up playing...

I did manage to work on a few Kroot guys:
I did the back of the coat on the Commissar Friday night and the front last night... I still need to do buttons, sleeves, cuffs and collar before I can glue the hands in place and call him finished. I'm not very happy with how the coat tails are flowing around his waste right now, but I think I can fix some of that with a new X-Acto blade and a little more putty work.
I did a couple more Sargents, but they are carrying shot guns rather than pistols or rifles. I think I made the conversion harder than it needed to be, so they didn't come out terrific. I plan to do one or two more of the shotgun conversions - one for gaming and maybe a second for a little vignette of a Kroot shooting skeet.
I also set up another Kroot torso with a vox-caster, I think that makes 4.

I picked up a big bitz lot at my local club a few weeks back, so I should have enough Battle Suit weapons to give me some wiggle room for distributing special weapons into my squads.

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