Tuesday, August 25, 2009

not much progress to report lately

I didn't do much this weekend.

A few weeks ago I bought some Sentinel Walkers off a kid in the gaming club and stripped the paint off them and broke them down into base components as much as possible so I can reconfigure them as part of the Adeptis Mechanicus army I want to build.

The pilot is just a seated guy molded as mostly one piece (torso, pelvis, legs). I decided to fill in the back surface of the lower half with Green Stuff (GS) to give it all substance; this will make it easier to cast it in resin.

I took some heads from a box of IG infantry and with a little bit of carving and GS sculpting made three variations of modern aircraft pilot heads. I cast all of these in silicon to make a two-part mold so I can do a handful of resin casts for the Mechanicus army and some other future projects. I ended up with a few bubbles in the silicon that I had to repair last night, but I think the mold will be usable with just a smidge of trimming with a razor blade.

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