Monday, November 23, 2009

Wargames Illustrated

I just picked up 5 or 6 issues of Wargames Illustrated at Compleat Strategist in NYC on Saturday. I'm really liking the magazine so far. The $8 cover price is prohibitive, but less than Games Workshop's White Dwarf and the content ranges all genre's , scales, figure manufacturers and rules publishers...

Issue 260 comes with a sprue of 2 figures in 28mm by the Perry brothers - early 1800's riflemen and there is a painting article and a "how-to" for a quick and dirty conversion from English to American enlistment.

I just finished a two-part article spread across issues 262 and 263 about the introduction and usage of firearms in Africa during the 1860's. Some very interesting tid-bits about how inaccurate the early arms were and how the natives learned to countered them.

I know there was some early concerns when Battlefront initially bought a controlling interest in WI, but from what I can see they have NOPT turned the mag into WD for Flames of War. There is a FoiW article in each and every issue (and often two), but the mag is from from dominated by the content for just that one game. Every issue I have in hand has at least 4 articles on games for other time period (none of which Bf covers) and one has an interview with Rick Priestly from GW.

Overall, I think the mag is well worth a preview!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

scenic bases

I have been kicking around the idea of making and selling scenic bases for a few months now. Lately I have been working on making some originals and nailing down various lines of base styles. Right now I think I have about 17 different styles between 1 inch squares and 1 inch rounds and maybe about 25 different originals with variations of patterns (skewing and sanding).

My thought is that I will probably go into production in January, do a preliminary run that will get painted and then start advertising. I need to decide if I am going to do an e-bay store or try to set-up a website with a cart system.

I just did a Google search for "scenic bases" and didn't really like most of what I saw. Most of them were selling 5 bases for $5, which is probably less than $1 in materials... I know there is profit to be had, but I'm betting that the business is slow going!

Monday, November 9, 2009


It's not just a Fleetwood Mac song anymore!!

I found a set of rules for a Mammoth Hunting miniatures game late last week and it looks like a load of fun!!

The base rules are for 6mm and 15mm figures with a nod to a miniatureas company that has a line of figures in both scale; looking at the web-site, they also have two rules supplements that I might pick up in the near future ($3 each for PDFs).

I'm thinking that I will use some 40K figures (Kroot) and just double all of the distances in the rules.

I couldn't find any Mammoth toys this weekend, so I bought a couple of elephants, a T-Rex, a triceritops and a tiger. Given an afternoon or so to do some conversion work, I should have wooly mammoths and a saber-toothed tiger!!

I'll need to make some fire markers, but that can wait...