Friday, November 11, 2011

Been away for a while... :-(

I've been absolutely consdumed by my day job most of this year, so I haven't been doing much in the area of gaming or model building...

I've been running a D&D 4e game on Thursday nights and using store bought minis for the most part. I occassionally print out encounter maps and mount them to foamcore, but even that has been few and far between.

We're running Witchlight Hermatage right now and I want to do a spiffy map without dropping the cash on the Dungeon Tiles - while they are AWESOME, I am totally broke!! Fortunately I have access to a large format color printer at work and Visio!

What I did was capture the map image from the PDF I got through D&D Insider and import it into Visio. I stretched the image up to make the grid full size. I then created a 1 inch square with no fill and arrayed it to cover the entire map image...
Set the plotter to my default printer, adjust the page size. print out 2 copies, delte the grid and print a third copy.

I used the gridless copy at the end of our first session for when the characters first get to the hermatage and nothing significant is happening.

The two gridded copies are going to get mounted to foamcore.

I'm going to try to do that this weekend and take pictures to show the process so I can do a write up.

In the mean time I am using some Warhammer Skinks as the Brachmarsh Lizardfolk because I had purchased them last year to build a baby dragon for the Coppernight Hold Dungeon Delve and hadn't gotten around to doing all of them yet - that's a whole different build post.

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